ATM Vapour Blasting are experts in the cleaning of automobile parts, engine components, cylinder heads, aluminium parts, and manufacturing parts. We also provide vapour blasting for the industrial and engineer sectors.

Our speciality lies with the reconditioning and  restoration of alloy car and motorcycle parts using a delicate yet powerful vapour blasting process that ensures a brilliant as-new Satin finish. We also offer ultra sonic cleaning .

Vapour Blasting In Hereford .

Vapour blasting is suitable for aluminium, titanium, copper, brass, bronze, magnesium, and other alloys. It is not suitable for items that rusts – for this we have dry blasting options available. The metal is prepared and treated as follows:

  • Valves and bearings and seals are removed, or you can do this yourself beforehand if you prefer.
  • Any paint is stripped if necessary, and then the components are treated in a large industrial hot wash for degreasing.
  • The parts are then vapour blasted. This involves water, glass beads, and compressed air to give a very fine finish without damaging the metal.
  • Finally, we wash and flush the parts to remove any glass bead, and finish with a corrosion inhibitor if required.
  • Price guide list coming soon but feel free to contact us for prices or with any questions about the process.
  • Dimensions of the cabinets. Vapour blast cabinet = 1250w x 1050d x 950h.
    Dry blast cabinet 900w x 700d x 700h. Ultrasonic cleaner 27 litre (495 x 295 x 195)
  • DISCLAIMER NOTICE.All items are washed and compressed air dried after the process to ensure no media residue remains. Whilst every effort is made to ensure a clean media free product is returned it is the customers responsibility to check parts prior to assembly.


Before and after the cleaning process

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a cleaning solution. This agitation creates a strong force to remove contaminants adhering to substrates. This method is ideal for cleaning carburettors as the process cleans both the exterior and the interior areas, including the jets, removing stale fuel and also any carbon deposits.

Ultrasonic is the only way to clean carburettor internals successfully.

Tank dimensions : 495 x 295 x 195 (27 litre)


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