PLEASE NOTE. Prices are a guide only as conditions of parts can vary. Prices are for parts stripped and de greased and ready to vapour blast. I can strip and de grease parts but this will incurr an extra charge. 

Single cyl. Heads from £15, Cylinder from 20, C Cases 20 ea, Outer cases from 10. Twin cyl Heads from 20, Cyls from 25, C Cases 25 ea, Outer cases from 15.

Four cyl. Cam covers from 25, Heads from 40, Cyls from 40, C Cases from 30 ea ,Outer cases from 10. 

Other parts. Fork lowers from £10 ea, Calipers from 15, Hubs from 15, Brake plates from 10 Brackets from 5. 

Car parts guide. Rocker covers from £15, Heads from 30, Small block from 35, Inlet Manifolds from 20,  Suspension parts from 15. 

For Vapour blast work for newly manufactured items for engineering sector please contact us for an hourly / Day work rate.